About Us

The world is a wondrous place. Technology improves at a tremendous pace while there are still those whose day to day lives are no different than their parents or their parents’ ancestors before them. Human activity changes the world, while much of the planet goes untouched. Everything changes moment by moment, while nothing changes at all. Our writers seek adventures, experiences, and information to share what they find with you. Our curiosity drives us to explore, and our humanity compels us to share. In ModernAmerican.News we strive to share our world with you, wherever, or whoever, you are.

Alejandro Rojas, Editor-in-Chief

Alejandro Rojas is a blogger, journalist, lecturer, podcast host and real estate agent. He has written for The Huffington Post and The Roswell Daily Record and has been interviewed on several cable news networks. He has also appeared on the Travel Channel, Syfy, National Geographic, and E!. He is the creator and editor of ModernAmerican.News.

You can read more about Alejandro at his blog: AlejandroTRojas.com

Jennifer Kite-Powell, Contributor

Jennifer is human tech contributor for Forbes.com and Modern American News covering the intersection of science and technology with art, health, environment, culture and agriculture. Some people call her a multi-tentacled octopus, which is redundant, but she’s a narrative journalist, writer, author and poet. She’s a frequent moderator of creative, AI and VR/AR panels at events and festivals around the planet and travels the world regularly to interview spectacular humans and help them tell their stories. She’s a frequent guest on 938Now’s Tech Scares and her first book, Love, Lust, Longing and Truth was published in 2017.