Bring On The Flying Cars (Okay Air Taxis)

Volocopter at Frankfort Airport (Image credit: Volocopter)

Volocopter, one of the first successful companies to bring “flying cars” to reality, has teamed with Fraport, which manages the Frankfurt airport to lay the groundwork for ground infrastructure and operations that will pave the way for air taxis at airports.

The two companies are looking at how to efficiently integrate air taxis into existing transport infrastructure through the creation of Volocopter Port. Volocopter Ports could link existing urban transportation junctions with one another and provide connections to and from Frankfurt Airport (FRA).

The concept of flying cars over the past decade has expanded from an aircraft piloted from airport to airport transforming into a car you can drive home into a passenger-carrying autonomous drone that can vertically land and lift off anywhere.

Volocopter sees its flying cars as instruments for urban mobility – in the air like a sky taxi. The company has already flown its craft without a passenger over Dubai.

“Providing the ideal connection between the city center and the airport poses a huge challenge for the world’s major cities. Together with Fraport AG, we are excited to pioneer the implementation of an air taxi service at one of Europe’s most important airports,” said Florian Reuter, CEO, Volocopter. “We will be tapping into Fraport’s wealth of experience to integrate the Volocopter Service safely and efficiently into the complex array of processes required at a major international airport.”

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