The Numbers Behind The Tweets

This week, social networks like Facebook and Twitter released their earning reports. Yea, they make money off of our collective digital rants and .gifs that tell the world what we’re feeling today through ads. A lot of ads.

Twitter to spend $327.28 billion on ads in 2019.

According to eMarketer, a digital marketing research firm that follows this sort of stuff, Twitter’s total worldwide digital ad spending will reach $327.28 billion by the end this year (2019), which is up 17% from last year.

How much money does Twitter make from its worldwide ad revenue? Projections place that number for 2019 at $2.70 billion, that’s billion with a B. That’s a lot of promoted ads you’re reading while you tweet with abandon. However, eMarketer says Twitter’s total worldwide digital ad spending will drop from 0.9% last year to 0.8% in 2019.

Since mobile is our choice of accessing our digital addictions, Twitter’s worldwide mobile ad revenue will grow nearly 13% to reach $2.56 billion this year. Again billion with a B.

That’s close to the same number ($2.6 billion) that Trump wanted the US government to spend on building the “border wall” in 2018 and to the amount ($2.6 billion) he asked Congress to slash from the EPA’s budget in 2018.

On the usage front, eMarketer, a digital marketing research firm who follows this stuff, Twitter’s worldwide user base will grow 3.5% this year to almost 283.6 million people.  eMarketer expects Twitter’s share of global social network users to drop slightly from 9.8% in 2019 to 9.3% in 2022 despite the growth of the user base over the next several years.

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