See This Underwater Drone Capture Life Under the Sea

A startup called Chasing Innovation has launched the Gladius Advanced Pro, a smart underwater drone. The drone has omnidirectional capabilities, a 4K camera, LED lights and can dive to depths of 328 ft. It’s designed for underwater photography, filming, fishing, boat inspecting, seaside fun – you name it.

The Gladius Pro captures photos or video directly to the internal storage or live stream in real-time. It has a stabilizing mechanism combined with low light sensors and an image quality optimization algorithm which allows for spectacular underwater footage without distortion.

The drone is equipped with LED lights on either side of the camera for a 135-degree illumination angle to light a clear path to see underwater subjects. Each light is 1200 lumens and features dimming controls for varying conditions.

The polymer lithium-ion batteries support up to three hours of continuous shooting with only 1.5 hours of recharge time. It has low battery protection, which notifies users when the battery power drops below 10%. When the power is below five percent, the system will enter lock mode in order to avoid permanent damage to the battery.

Gladius works with both iOS and Android apps and you can live stream directly to your social media platforms.

Now, summer can begin.


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