This VR Exhibit Lets You Land On Mars

Everyone talks about going to Mars and in reality, most of us today probably won’t get to Mars in our lifetimes, but now there’s another way.

Noitom, a company that creates out-of-home mixed reality platforms for companies and learning entertainment, has created a virtual reality experience, called the Alice Space Lunar Mission, which lets the user experience what it would feel like to land on the moon.

From May 7 to 9, 2018 in Phoenix, you can experience what it feels like to visit Mars and Jupiter’s Europa at Museum Expo.

Alice Space is a multi-user space exploration simulation platform. It was a comprehensive hardware and content package to let museums and science centers offer visitors realistic and immersive experiences with space. Alice Space allows venues like museums and science centers to offer their audiences realistic and immersive experiences.

Alice Space was created in collaboration with NASA by an Australian virtual content development studio, Opaque Space. Alice Space takes participants to a mixed reality environment where they land on the moon, interact with controls and with other players inside of the spacecraft, and walk onto the surface of the moon to explore its terrain.

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