National Geographic Launches Open Explorer For Citizen Scientists

National Geographic recently acquired the Open Explorer platform from entrepreneur, citizen scientist, National Geographic Explorer and co-founder of OpenRov, David Lang.

Open Explorer is a community platform created by Lang in 2014 when he was looking for a way to document and share his experiences as an explorer. It was conceived as an answer to the question, “If Darwin were alive today, how would he have kept his notes?”

Lang recognized the need for a place to record experiences, tell stories and collaborate with a community that cared about science, exploration and storytelling. Furthering the knowledge and understanding of our world has always been the core purpose of National Geographic.

As such, National Geographic, in partnership with Lang, is making Open Explorer part of the National Geographic ecosystem and is focused on growing the community, connecting members with new tools and additional resources, and sharing the community’s stories with the world through National Geographic’s vast global storytelling portfolio.

Take a peek at this story about a pilot who escaped a from a Navy AD-1 Skyraider Aircraft from 1951. The plane sunk to the bottom of the sea, the pilot escaped and is still alive today. His name is Clint Eastwood. These NatGeo explorers have set out to find Clint’s lost plane.

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Now, anyone who’s a citizen scientist or explorer and come together and explore the world together, no matter where they are.


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