Saturday, May 26, 2018
The Ultimate Travel Bucket List for 2018 (and beyond)

Do you have a bucket list of all the places you want to travel? Well, sit back and start planning because the Flightnetwork has put together a list of the world’s ultimate travel bucket list. They surveyed 830 travel industry experts, journalists, writers and bloggers, to come up with the 50 best places to hit in 2018 (or beyond, you might not fit them all in this year.)

The list is based on do, see, experience and has something for everyone from gorilla trekking in Central Africa (#8), getting lost on the streets of Paris (#6), staying in an ice hotel in Sweden, Canada or Finland (#49) or volunteering at an elephant sanctuary in Kenya (#26), this list offers up some ideas to inspire you to see the world your way.

Jennifer Kite-Powell
Jennifer is an author and human tech contributor at Forbes and Modern American News covering the intersection of science and technology with art, health, environment, culture and agriculture. She's a frequent moderator of creative, AI and VR/AR panels at events and festivals worldwide and is a frequent guest on 938Now's Tech Scares. Her first book, Love, Lust, Longing and Truth was published in 2017.

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