Watch the First Instagram Live with the International Space Station

Social media in space history was made yesterday when Will Smith held an Instagram Live session with astronaut Drew Feustel who is currently on the International Space Station (ISS). ModernAmerican.News was given a copy of the video to post on YouTube. In fact, it is our very first YouTube video, and it is a great one.

The Instagram Live interview was arranged by National Geographic to promote their new show One Strange Rock. Smith is the host of the show that takes a look of at the mechanics of how planet Earth works from the perspective of astronauts who have viewed the planet in a way only a select few humans have had the opportunity to experience.

Following along the theme of the show, Smith asked his questions and some from fans about what it is like living and working in space. The questions ranged from what it is like to see the Earth from space to how they go to the bathroom on the ISS.

“One small step for man, one giant leap for Instagram Live,” exclaimed Smith.

Astronaut Drew Feustel on Instagram Live. (Image credit: National Geographic)

As for seeing the Earth from space, Feustel says it is life-changing, and he wishes everyone could have the chance to experience it.

“I personally think it would change us as a species,” Feustel told Smith. “It would make us all realize that Earth is really a spaceship… with just a thin shell that keeps us safe from the vacuum and darkness of space.”

Watch the video above to see the entire interview.

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